By Eric Campos | August 28, 2003

Despite the warning with the cute little skull and cross crutches before each episode of “Jackass,” we still have hordes of people out there who insist on trying to make a living by performing death and/or intelligence defying stunts. Harold Buttleman is one of those people.
Now, hold on. Come on back here. Harold Buttleman isn’t your daily average snotnose turd who has turned to riding his bicycle into brick walls just because he’s addicted to a show on MTV. Harold is a huge fan of Evel Knievel and he aspires to be the next big superstar stuntman by performing daring feats such as…jumping off the roof of a one-story house and jumping his car over a ramp about double the size of your average speed bump. Yeah, Buttleman isn’t the brightest guy in the world and he’s a legend in his own mind, but he means well.
“Buttleman” tells the fictional story of this dreamer’s struggle to break free from his dull job as a tuxedo salesman in order to elevate himself as a superstar. With the help of his buddy, Doug, who tapes his every “dangerous” move, Buttleman winds up landing a spot on a public access television show. Oh boy, his first gig. Will Buttleman rocket into stardom from here, or will his dreams crash and burn? I ain’t tellin’ ya. You have to see the film yourself.
Try and forget that I mentioned “Jackass” earlier, because I’d hate to create a misconception about how this film really is. There’s more here than someone just making an a*s out of himself. This is a film with heart, about a man doing his all to chase his dream. It’s got an ending too that’ll take you totally by surprise.

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