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By Alan Ng | July 31, 2020

Carlotta Summers and Cady McClain’s short film, Butterflies, take on the all too familiar story of bullying in the life of a young teen in high school.

Told from Melanie’s (Carlotta Summers) perspective, high school is far from a pleasant experience for this awkward teen. Once best friends forever with the popular Paris (Kristina Reyes), that relationship has turned cold to the point of disdain. An attempt to fit in by upgrading her fashion is met with ridicule and humiliation from Paris.

Loneliness and a moment of racially-motivated taunting only build up Melanie’s walls. During her biology class, Melanie takes the cue the life of a butterfly and its patterns of survival to overcome her torturous life.

“…that relationship has turned cold to the point of disdain.“

For those who love short films, you know bullying is a common theme. Butterflies succeeds by not only making an emotional connection between the bullied and the butterfly but does it in a way that is fresh and unexpected.

Every moment hits the right notes from Melanie’s alienation from her peers to being unheard by her mother. Speaking of the right note, the music is absolutely brilliant. When it first started, I thought it was grating like scratching a chalkboard. Then every grinding beat integrates itself with the beats of the story. It’s easy to miss.

Everything about Butterflies, from Summer’s authentic performance, its visual presentation, music, and story structures, works together to tell a compelling and visually stunning story.

Butterflies (2020)

Directed: Cady McClain

Written: Carlotta Summers

Starring: Carlotta Summers, Kristina Reyes, Linda Powell, etc.

Movie score: 8/10

Butterflies Image

"…every moment hits the right notes from Melanie's alienation from her peers to being unheard..."

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