By Admin | August 27, 2011

Stop me if you’ve heard this one: a priest, a rabbi and an imam walk into a bar…

Kidding, of course; there’s no lowbrow joke to be had in the short essay-piece Bountiful, but the setup (sans the bar) is accurate. Rabbi Sara Rae Perman, Monsignor Roger A. Statnick and Imam AbduSemi’h A. Tadese all speak about the idea of goodwill and charity as it relates to their religions and, surprise surprise, the three faiths are not all that different when you really boil it down to the basics.

I call this an essay-piece because it is more of a statement on faith, humanity and charity delivered via straightforward interview answers and conversations. Not much dazzle or flair; just very honest conversation shared in a very minimalistic talking head documentary style (and if you don’t dig films of folks talking simply and directly, no matter how well it flows, this may not be for you). There isn’t a grand narrative beyond the exploration of what part charity plays, and that’s okay. This is the type of medium-short film that you show a classroom or a religious discussion group to instigate reflection, conversation and, hopefully, some charitable action.

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