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Boris and the Bomb

By Alan Ng | February 3, 2020

The title pretty much says it all in David Kronmiller’s Boris and the Bomb. First, we have a Russian named Boris (J. Anthony McCarthy), and he has a bomb—a nuclear bomb, to be exact. Don’t worry though, Boris is one of the good guys. He has no desire to see the bomb go off and has only 48 hours to save all of Los Angeles basically. From the start, you know this is going to be a very lite story with a few laughs and intrigue, thanks to a peppy, upbeat score by Jeremy Scott Olsen.

The plot is simple, it’s only the cast that becomes complex. Boris wants to dismantle the bomb, once and for all before it goes off in two days. In the meantime, there’s a legion of characters out to get the bomb for their own nefarious purposes. Literally everyone has ever-shifting allegiances to Boris, except for his only one real ally, and it is his Youber (with a “Y”) driver, Jimmy (Steve Sabo).

“He has no desire to see the bomb go off and has only 48 hours to save all of Los Angeles…”

On Boris’s tail is Wallace (T.J. Storm), the leader of the mafia gang, known as The Group. He knows what Boris is capable of and refuses to underestimate his skills as former KGB. He sends a band led by Rafael (Kurt Caceres) to take him down, knowing full well, he will quickly subdue them…mostly by swinging the big bomb around.

Boris is ultimately rescued by Maya (Kavi Ladnier), who has some kind of intimate connection with Rafael. While getting Boris to safety, Maya picks up her teenage daughter at the same time.

What international plot wouldn’t be complete without getting the government involved, which brings us to a Congressman, who needs to have Boris and the Bomb secured by enlists Boris’ former spy partners Emily (Sarah Barton) and Kale (Jason Young) to locate their long-time compatriot. Did I mention Emily and Kale were once married? No?!?

Boris and the Bomb (2020)

Directed: David Kronmiller

Written: David Kronmiller, Jennifer Emily McLean

Starring: J. Anthony McCarthy, Kavi ladnier, Kurt Caceres, T.J. Storm, Steve Sabo, Sarah Barton, etc.

Movie score: 7/10

Boris and the Bomb Image

"…that number will figuratively blow-up more when you include others..."

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