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Black Hole

By Alan Ng | September 20, 2021

How dangerous can a miniature black hole really be? So asked and answered in Jamie Parslow’s short film, Black Hole.

For Eddie (Aaron Moorhead), discovering a black hole in his kitchen is a tragic surprise as his cat, Fred, is now missing. When Harvey (Leo Camacho) comes over to investigate, he is thrust into the black hole and gone forever.

“…his diary of thoughts and reflections about this strange anomaly.”

Narrated by Eddie, Black Hole is his diary of thoughts and reflections about this strange anomaly. He explores the fun that could be had, along with the advantages and disadvantages of owning a black hole of his very own. Then, as the hole grows in size and power, Eddie reflects on existence within its gravitational pull and the void at the center.

Black Hole is a silly, light-hearted look at an equally absurd premise. The fun comes in the fact that writer/director Jamie Parslow makes a serious attempt to explore the reality of the situation in an amusing and all too natural way because this could never happen in real life… right?

Black Hole (2021)

Directed and Written: Jamie Parslow

Starring: Aaron Moorhead, Leo Comacho, etc.

Movie score: 7.5/10

Black Hole Image

"…a silly, light-hearted look at an equally absurd premise."

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