Bigfoot Unleashed, Part VII Image

Bigfoot Unleashed, Part VII

By Alan Ng | September 12, 2023

We have one piece of advice for all budding filmmakers here at Film Threat: MAKE YOUR MOVIE! Director Don Swanson and screenwriter Joe Fishel did just that with Bigfoot Unleashed, Part VII.

The title says it all. Bigfoot has been unleashed, causing mayhem and destruction in the fictitious Bigfoot Unleashed, Part I-VI. Our story centers on a construction company that has in vain tried to develop on the sacred lands of the Bigfoot. Throughout the first six parts, a construction site secretary, played by Valena Zitello, has narrowly escaped the clutches of Bigfoot, but can she finally free herself in the seventh? As running is what the secretary does best, she finally meets her match when she trips.

“…a construction site secretary…has narrowly escaped the clutches of Bigfoot…”

For Swanson and Fishel, Bigfoot Unleashed, Part VII, may not be their most ambitious effort. Shot in micro-budget DIY style, the short is for all intent and purpose about a girl being chased by a bigfoot and screaming all the way.

This may not be the most elaborate movie in the world. Nor is it the most horrifying flick ever made. Sure, I could have probably made this exact thing with my iPhone (I mean, I have skills). Then again, I never made a film, short or otherwise, with my iPhone, so the creatives here have one-up on me.

If anything, Bigfoot Unleashed, Part VII pays tribute to the micro-budget horror genre. The chase is done with tongue firmly in cheek and manages to satirize the girl being chased in the woods trope. But as much as I admire the effort, even on a microbudget, I’m looking for something that might elevate the genre storywise, and it’s just not here.

Bigfoot Unleashed, Part VII (2023)

Directed: Don Swanson

Written: Joe Fishel

Starring: Valena Zitello, Joe Fishel, etc.

Movie score: 5/10

Bigfoot Unleashed, Part VII Image

"…pays tribute to the micro-budget horror genre."

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