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Because I Love You

By Alan Ng | June 29, 2024

Ok. You got me. Kudos to Bob Celli and his short film, Because I Love You.

Marco (Bob Celli) and Joanna (Jennifer Plotzke) are preparing for a dinner party with Joanna’s longtime friend and Marco’s employee, Jim (David Roberts) and his wife, Beth (Melissa Joyner). Both Marco and Joanna are in their second marriage, and Beth can’t help but notice how well they get along.

“…Jim and Joanna secretly discuss a secret meeting while Marco is at a board meeting.”

As Beth steps away, Jim and Joanna secretly discuss a secret meeting while Marco is at a board meeting. Ah, but Marco sees the pair conspiring from a distance. In fact, the hyperaware Marco notices many things going on between his wife and her “friend.” Soon, Marco has a business trip coming up and he can only imagine what will happen with his wife and “friend” while he’s gone.

I’ll just say that stories of intrigue are tricky to pull off in indie films, and writer/director/star Bob Celli shows some impressive mastery in Because I Love You. Tone is everything, and one false move and your story will fail. I don’t want to give away anything, but his cast, the visuals, and the costuming blend beautifully to accomplish everything that needed to happen to pay off its ending.

You got me. Brilliant. Thanks for a short to remember.

Because I Love You (2024)

Directed and Written: Bob Celli

Starring: Bob Celli, Jennifer Plotzke, David Roberts, Melissa Joyner, etc.

Movie score: 9/10

Because I Love You Image

"…you got me. Brilliant."

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