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The biggest problem is just how confusing going from one segment to the next is, as there is no narrator or the like. More often than not, the transitions from one chapter to a new one involve watching spaceships travel among the stars. Given how essential spacefaring vehicles and traveling the galaxy are to each story, to varying degrees, this is not enough of a bridge to fully communicate that a new segment has begun. It took me until the beginning of The Agamemnon, the third chapter, to realize that the first two stories were over and would not link up further down the road. This means that investing in any given section is hard, as one is not sure if a new one is beginning or the current is ending.

But, aside from that and some of the acting, Battle In Space: The Armada Attacks has a lot going for it. The world-building sprinkled throughout the various stories is intriguing and well-thought-out. Like the best of science fiction, this is a tangible world with lots of detail, and a truly lived-in look, making it all plausible and believable.

“…this is a tangible world with lots of detail and a truly lived-in look…”

It is the special effects, both make-up and CGI, that really will wow the audience, though. I don’t know the budget for this sci-fi anthology, but whatever it was, it is all on the screen, looking gorgeous. Yes, sometimes the spaceships zooming through stations or dodging other vehicles in a dogfight are obviously computer-generated. But the details like scuff marks and previous damage are impressive, and the lighting (minus The Hermes) make the vehicles and computer interfaces look realistic.

And the aliens themselves are stunning to behold. Mainly practical effects, the tusk mouthed creatures are large, move well, and look awe-inspiring and creepy. The feature is worth a watch for the make-up effects alone, which clearly had a lot of blood, sweat, tears, and love poured into every ounce of them.

Battle In Space: The Armada Attacks is structured in such a way that it is confusing and hard to follow when one story ends, and another begins. This, coupled with its self-serious attitude and iffy acting from some, might be enough to care off potential viewers. But for those longing for a true sci-fi tale set in a world that leaps off the screen, this fits the bill perfectly. The make-up is divine, the computer effects are astounding, and when the segments work, they deliver in a big way. This anthology proves to be imperfect but tons of fun. Oh, and the great Douglas Jones has a small role, and he is always a welcome presence.

Battle In Space: The Armada Attacks (2021)

Directed: Andrew Jaksch, Lukas Kendall, Toby Rawal, Scott Robson, Sanjay F. Sharma, Luis Tinoco

Written: Andrew Jaksch, Lukas Kendall, Sanjay F. Sharma, Luis Tinoco, Josh Guttman

Starring: Andrew Troy, Ryan McCormick, Toby Rawal, Dylan Watson, Wayne Wilson, Jess Gabor, Tom Madden, Mia Lardener, Oliver Lardner, etc.

Movie score: 7/10

Battle In Space: The Armada Attacks Image

"…the special effects, both make-up and CGI...will wow the audience..."

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