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Ayita’s Dream

By Bobby LePire | March 21, 2018

Music has been a way to represent one’s culture since pre-history (the period of time between stone tools being invented and writing coming into existence), with the oldest instrument on record being the Divje Bear Flute, created from a cave bear femur by a Neanderthal some 43,500 years ago. As soon as music came into being so to did a form of expression that could highlight appreciation of the music, or give the music a new dimension. That full-bodied movement of rhythmic patterns between a human’s feet, hips, arms, and head came to be called dance. Dance is a pure expression of emotions emanating deep from one’s core and springs to life in nimble, quick leaps and bounds in time with the music.

Ayita’s Dream is about exactly what the title says. Ayita’s dream is to become a dancer. As a young lass (performed by Leala Campbell) beginning ballet class, she is unable to keep tempo and falls a few times. Dancing is her passionate desire though, as shown by how Ayita decorates her room. As a pre-teen (Trinity Campbell) and teenager (Kandace Campbell), the audience watches as her skills improve and her movements more graceful. As an adult (Robyn Indira Williams) she is poised to open a massive show when we met her.

“…the audience watches as her skills improve and her movements more graceful.”

Writers-directors Roger Ingraham and Isis Masoud, both with extensive musical backgrounds, have crafted a mostly wordless visual journey that is nothing short of awe-inspiring to watch. Utilizing animation techniques, as opposed to dialogue, to highlight Ayita’s thoughts or emotions at any given moment gives the movie an inspired feel. The fantastic choreography, by Masoud, is impactful and elegant. The deft editing crosscuts movements from one scene to the next beautifully. The time shifts, as Ayita ages, are seamless and easy to follow.

Ayita’s Dream tells a whole story of one girl’s dream and her successes in 8 minutes. The long music video format allows the amazing dancers to show off, the music is invigorating, and the directors show a clear understanding of the intersection of aural and visual entertainment.

Ayita’s Dream (2018) Directed by Roger Ingraham, Isis Masoud. Written by Roger Ingraham, Isis Masoud. Starring Robyn Indira Williams, Trinity Campbell, Kandace Campbell, Leala Campbell, Tasha Perez, Kelly Quinn, Isis Masoud, Cameron Bigelow, Maud Arnold, Inge Uys, Ayita’s Dream premiered at the 2018 Miami Film Festival.

Grade: A

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  1. Omnia Masoud says:

    This film made was beautifully made: such wonderful use of the sensory and visual aura of cinema. The direction and performances were powerful and exhilarating.

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