By Michael Ferraro | August 10, 2005

The title claims that Joe is just going to be some average dude but in reality, he’s far from it. Instead, writer/director Jennifer Braddock created this Joe to be a Morgan Spurlock from Hell.

During a live taping of a friendly television show, a cheerful Kelly Ripaesque host interviews an executive for an educational food supply company when suddenly, Joe storms on set armed with an electric knife and a mission. His mission is to spread knowledge about the childhood obesity rate in this country, as well as, supply a few facts about what kind of nauseating supplements are actually contained within the foods our schools feed our children on a daily basis.

And that’s where the electric knife (and hilarity) comes in. Needless to say, audience members watching the program in the comfort of their own homes are treated with spraying blood and fingers flying all over the place.

“Average Joe” may not teach you anything new or prevent you from stopping your kids from eating cafeteria food (though it should) but it’s just outrageous and funny enough for that not to matter.

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