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Attack of the Swole People

By Alan Ng | August 4, 2023

Director Elijah Broughton and screenwriter Sean Furey bring some sci-fi fun with their alien invasion short film, Attack of the Swole People.

A government Agent (Rachel Noble) and her Rookie partner (Ian Kramer) are called to investigate the mysterious death of a man who had his throat cut. What’s odd about the murder is a missing stash of creatine, the muscle-building protein powder. Instantly, the Agent knows this was part of an extraterrestrial invasion. Now she and the Rookie must foil the aliens’ plan.

“What’s odd about the murder is a missing stash of creatine…”

Attack of the Swole People is a fun, though very low-budget sci-fi thriller. All expenses were spared except for a few costumes. This DIY production uses spooky lighting and half-decent gory make-up effects.

We’re here to have fun, which comes from the relationship between the Agent and the Rookie. Reminiscent of Men in Black, Noble plays a no-s***s-given Agent, and Kramer is her overly-enthusiastic naive, and not-so-bright partner. The Agent knows exactly what’s going on and reveals only so much to the Rookie to keep him safe.

For fans of low-budget 1950s sci-fi, Attack of the Swole People will not disappoint.

For more screening information on Attack of the Swole People, visit the Petrichor Motion Pictures YouTube channel.

Attack of the Swole People (2023)

Directed: Elijah Broughton

Written: Sean Furey

Starring: Rachel Noble, Ian Kramer, etc.

Movie score: 6.5/10

Attack of the Swole People Image

"…a fun...very low-budget sci-fi thriller."

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