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By Norman Gidney | December 30, 2018

Initially, of course, not much happens. Alex spends a great deal of time trying to convince his friends that it is possible and that he has projected. He also begins chatting, coincidentally, with authority on the matter, a certain Dr. James Lefler. Things begin to get out of hand when shadow people seem to be pursuing not only Alex but his friends as well. Will Alex ever escape the encroaching entities? Will he ever learn of what actually happened to his mother? Will Dr. Lefler finally lose his license for giving shady advice on interdimensional exploration?

The creep factor is at 11…”

Astral screenwriters Chris Mul, Michael Mul have some provocative notions here. The idea of genetic disposition to mental illness and the desire to know more about ourselves are some meaty material. It’s a bummer to report that with this rich canvas, the proceedings are not only underdeveloped, but they descend into the trite supernatural clichés that we have seen in so many movies before. I will give kudos to the look and feel of the shadow people that pursue both Alex and everyone around him. As if cracking into our dimension, they move in shadowy wisps of darkness that are tremendously effective. The creep factor is at 11 there. Yet, with this lovely ambiguity and mystery, we are left with a rather flat resolution. Oh and you can forget about the other plot set up at the beginning of the film much less the commentary therein.

Astral is a mediocre supernatural thriller at best. We have a script that really needed a few more things wrapped up paired with a thesis that is bluntly dismissed in favor of an easy conclusion.

Astral (2018) Directed by Chris Mul. Written by Chris Mul, Michael Mul. Starring  Frank Dillane, Catherine Steadman, Trevor White, Darwin Shaw, Vanessa Grasse.

5 out of 10 stars

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  1. Glenn Quagmire says:

    5 out of 10 stars? The only number 5 I’m giving this movie is if the number 5 stands for the number of fingers on the hand I’m using to slap the jackass who directed this gigantic pile of garbage. Someone owes me 90 mins of my life back. #FACTS

  2. Leigh Bostock says:

    You’re very gracious. I rate it zero stars and the worst movie I’ve ever seen. Who financed this rubbish? Do they still have a job?

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