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All of this means that character development is a bit thin. We never get an inkling of who they are as people beyond “depressed girl” and “nice cannibal.” So without more fully realized characters, all we’re left with is an interesting premise that never blossoms into anything more substantial.

“Ricardo Lorenzo manages to piece together an adorable take on this bizarre premise…”

Despite its shortcomings, An Unlikely Story is somehow charming. Director Ricardo Lorenzo manages to piece together an adorable take on this bizarre premise. His pacing and scene construction gloss over the film’s weak spots. Lorenzo also goes out of his way to avoid clichés of any of the genres he’s dabbling in. He makes a habit of subverting expectations and going in new directions.

Perhaps with a feature-length run time, Ricardo Lorenzo would be able to give us more character development. Maybe with a larger budget, he could hire better actors. This short subject certainly has its flaws, but in its bones, there is a great idea. With a bit more experience and a few more drafts, I am certain Lorenzo could make something out of this that would set the festival circuit on fire. As it stands now, at only 22-minutes, An Unlikely Story is a small commitment but worth the effort.

An Unlikely Story (2020)

Directed: Ricardo Lorenzo

Written: Ricardo Lorenzo, Alex Stone

Starring: Manny Belliard, Jeannette Berman, Carrot Bradley, etc.

Movie score: 6/10

An Unlikely Story Image

"…shares some DNA with classics like Harold and Maude or The Odd Job..."

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