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The girl gives Ryan her number and gets off the bus and he immediately calls her, which triggers an explosion at a nearby building (this is only the beginning of a series of ludicrous contrivances the movie piles on.) The explosion is traced to Ryan’s cell phone, which makes him the primary target in Agent Carter’s (Curtis Caldwell) terror investigation.

What ensues is a race against the clock as Ryan tries to shift the focus onto terror leader Mikel Razanov (Philip Lewis), who has a distorted face so he wears a mask that makes him a cross between Darth Vader and Bane.

“…feels like the finished product of something a few friends with a camera and a MacBook shot on a Saturday afternoon.”

Everything surrounding America Has Fallen is so distracting – the aforementioned effects, the overacting, the main star’s blank stares – that there isn’t a moment to grab onto during the movie. If B-movie action films are Getty’s calling, he’s going to have to think of something more creative and spend more time refining his craft. Even the grindhouse crowd won’t be able to find many pleasures in America Has Fallen, which feels like the finished product of something a few friends with a camera and a MacBook shot on a Saturday afternoon.

America Has Fallen (2017) Directed by Tom Getty. Written by Tom Getty. Starring Tom Getty, Curtis Caldwell and Phillip Lewis.

Grade: F



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  1. Jubi says:

    Hey, what are you picture perfect critics talking about? It may not be an Oscar winning film, but it was great!

  2. Megan says:

    The ending sucked. But I liked it.

  3. Troy Schmidt says:

    Right on… you are right on, awful film.

  4. Kerry Rhys says:

    The comment above relating to poorly made movies, ” after 10 minutes… stop the movie…went for something else, this movie.. didn’t make me want to do that”, is a good summary of the experience. Yes, some…well, most is of the script, acting, FX, are really, really bad when compared to a well budgeted film…but I couldn’t top watching. I laughed at times that I’m sure were not intended for humor, cringed at some of the actors overall execution of characters, accents, facial expressions, amateurish sounding voices, etc… even face palmed and talked back to the screen in incredulity of the plot…. yet felt well entertained the entire time. This Tom Getty fellow may have some shortcomings in budget and maybe even every other single aspect of movie making, but he’s got something going that most other B film makers don’t. I kind of hope this film will be recognized by some of the backing money in the industry and he gets a chance to learn from his mistakes, make all around improvements in his art and get the opportunity to do it right. “America Has Fallen” may be bad, laughable, and just plain dumb at times, but it has something going on at the heart of it that is quite special.

  5. I agree with John Giordano. The movie could have been better, but as an Indie Filmmaker, they do only have so much money to put into something, i.e., this movie (as Indie Authors I’ve been reading). They are starting out, more or less on the ground floor, so seriously, this movie wasn’t that bad, as I’ve definitely seen much, much worse movies, that after 10 minutes give or taken I’ve stopped the movie and went for something else, this movie didn’t make me want to do that. This movie kept me watching right from the start. Not all movie makers are Stephen Spielberg, George Lucas or Quentin Taratino. They all have to start somewhere, as this is Tom Getty’s somewhere. He’s sure to get better as time goes on and the movie was pretty good as it also kept me glued right to the end. I hope to see more of Tom Getty’s movies (with him in them or not) and watch him progress, as I believe he will get better with time. So Mr. Tom Getty, if you see this, keep it up, don’t let it detour you from your course. Everyone has their opinion, there will be people like Matthew Passantino out there of course, but then there will be people like John Giordano and myself. I love reading books from Indie Authors and watching movies from Indie Filmmakers, as I’m a disabled Marine Corps Veteran, I certainly have the time.

  6. John Giordano says:

    It received poor reviews but the premise of the movie was very good. Could he have used better actors and special effects? Sure but the movie kept me and my wife at the edge of our seats! We liked it!

    • Ranny says:

      I like this Film. Those persons who criticized this movie are those that are just trying to destroy the accomplishment of others. It is not about Budget, but it is how you appreciate and encourage someone who has done their best.

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