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Alien: Reign of Man

By Malik Adán | December 6, 2017

Sadly, the story and supporting structures don’t do this particular mood justice. From editing to actor chemistry, the film feels like a series of shorts and singular ideas stitched together to become one large, drafty quilt of sci-fi. Which admittedly isn’t unique to just Reign of Man. Alien: Covenant and Prometheus were beautiful, ponderous films that had little coherency or common-sense infused in them. That aside, Reign of Man lacks the primary building blocks to elevate it from a cool idea to a cool movie. With such a lack of cohesion and general space for believability–seriously, there are points where actors seem to be saying lines at each other, versus conversing–Reign of Man falls flat where it didn’t need to.

“…this facsimile of its larger budget cousins may be its greatest accomplishment.”

Perhaps a better film exists somewhere in there. Maybe if the film was re-cut. Or if lines were run better or more organically. Or maybe if the script itself wasn’t a collection of expositional monologues and throwaway dialogue. Alas, it’s too late to go back. As Drake once said, you ask forgiveness, not permission, when you’ve got a dream. And that’s just too bad in Reign of Man’s case, because there’s plenty to be sorry for.

Or maybe not.

If we’re being fair, this facsimile of larger budget scifi movies may be its greatest accomplishment. Much like the flicks it’s riffing off of, Reign of Man is an interesting installment to sci-fi on the surface that lacks any coherent substance as you dig into its runtime. And if it’s lucky, you’ll probably nab it and Alien: Covenant on your next trip to Target. If we’re being totally honest, that’s basically mission accomplished when it comes to this particular side of the movie bin.

Alien: Reign of Man (2017) Written and directed by Justin Price, Stars Khu, Torrei Hart, Deanna Grace Congo.

1.5 out of 5 dark matter thingies


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  1. VAL says:

    This movie has had me captivated for months. I f*****g love this flick! Most folks want to put their heads into neutral and keep just enough oxygen flow to their brains so they will laugh or scream on cue. If they have to think about anything for longer then a second their oxygen is depleted and, being good droids, immediately give it a thumbs down for nonsense.

    I totally get this movie. Its about the transition between the ages of man, and having run his course of power, must restart the cycle if he is to continue. In this case, between Pisces and Aquarius. The ending is the beginning referred to in Gospel of Thomas 18. But to see this vision, correct arcane knowledge is required. There is no doubt here that Justin Price is an absolute genius and a very old soul indeed!

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