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After Death

By Ryan Devir | April 10, 2024

What happens when we die? Is the material world all there is, or does a spiritual world await us? Directors Stephen Gray and Chris Radtke’s After Death bring viewers into the great beyond by investigating near-death experiences (NDEs). Through captivating interviews with medical experts and actual survivors of near-death experiences, After Death presents credible evidence that death may simply be a doorway into a greater consciousness.

The film explores several survivors’ afterlife experiences of peace, joy, light, and, in some instances, hellish darkness and torture. From car and plane crashes to a kayak accident to attempted suicide, the structure of the film is edited in a way that presents the survivors’ stories in pieces while interjecting interviews with medical professionals and authors speaking on the science and studies done on these NDEs, offering possible medical explanations and humble skepticism.

Whether you believe in God or an afterlife or not, the beautiful cinematography, sound design, and immersive production of these gripping stories are enough to keep you glued to the screen. The imagery of the cosmos, the ambiguity representing heaven, and the mysteries that make up each of these larger-than-life stories will draw comparisons to Oppenheimer and Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction. However, thankfully, there is no camp to be found here. However, a nice cameo from Jonathan Frakes would have been welcomed.

“…brings viewers intro the great beyond by investigating  near death experiences…”

The editing may be the weakest aspect of the film. Each survivor’s story is divided throughout the 3 acts of the documentary, so there is an unfortunate stop-and-go in terms of momentum. The film creates interest and then stops the story to offer medical insight and background and then picks up with a new survivor’s story. This causes an emotional disconnect at times because once we finally return to a particular story, too much time has passed, leaving us with the confused sense that we may have missed something. I’d suggest not looking at your phone during this film.

The film doesn’t go much beyond presenting the evidence and letting the viewer decide whether they want to dig deeper, which may garner criticism but is ultimately the right decision. The film knows its main audience, and from a spiritual perspective, a documentary about heaven and God’s existence doeisn’t convince anyone who doesn’t already believe. When someone has a personal encounter with the inexplicable, with “God,” this change will occur. After Death simply gives a spotlight on those personal encounters.

If you’re looking for proof of an afterlife, you will be disappointed, but as the medical experts stress in the film, there is at least evidence of one. You can be rigid in your beliefs throughout the entire film, or you can have an open mind. Either way, what happens after After Death is you will have been entertained.

After Death (2023)

Directed: Stephen Gray, Chris Radtke

Written: Stephen Gray

Starring: Dale Black, John Burke, Kate Duffy, etc.

Movie score: 8.5/10

After Death Image

"…death may simply be a doorway into a greater consciousness..."

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