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By Alan Ng | November 21, 2023

Erin Broussard brings a Blair Witch inspiration to the world of paranormal podcasting in the short film Spooky Crew. Emery (Jerik Thibodeaux), Nancy (Olivia Peck), and Tim (Jeff Pearson) are best friends and hosts of A Spooky Crew podcast. In every episode, the trio meets at a local video store and recounts their ghostly adventures for their loyal fans.

Hoping to upgrade the show a bit, they reach out to their Patreon supporters, and if they reach their goal, they will livestream their next adventure…the urban legend of Mary Jane. “Every state as their own bloody Mary,” exclaims Emery. Here, they search for the ghost of a young teen who went missing years ago after prom.

Lo and behold, Patreon has come through, and the Spooky Crew finds themselves at the abandoned home where the ghost of Mary Jane is thought to dwell. We’re here from every second of this live stream.

“…if they reach their [Patreon] goal, they will livestream their next adventure…the urban legend of Mary Jane.”

Let me start by saying that Spooky Crew looks incredibly cinematic. Cameras, lighting, location…also add a professional intro with TV-theme music, and we’ve got one slick production in all the good ways.

Honestly, Spooky Crew looks like the recent Blumhouse Five Night at Freddy’s in look and tone. Our trio of actors (Thibodeaux, Peck, and Pearson) make their scripted dialogue feel natural for a true-crime-style podcast and bring a sense of fun to the proceeding. Add this high-quality production to the haunted house, and the ride gets even better when the reveal is made.

If I could make a wish, I would have liked the live stream portion to be an actual Twitch-like live stream from start to finish versus cutting back and forth. I think that would have led to a more authentic and creepier experience. Nonetheless, Spooky Crew delivers on the fun and horror as promised.

For more information about Spooky Crew, visit the Mallow Entertainment website.

A Spooky Crew (2023)

Directed and Written: Erin Broussard

Starring: Jerik Thibodeaux, Olivia Peck, Jeff Pearson, Wicken Taylor, etc.

Movie score: 8/10

A Spooky Crew Image

"…looks incredibly cinematic. Cameras, lighting, location...also add a professional intro with TV-theme music..."

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