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A Ghost Waits

By Bobby LePire | February 3, 2021

A Ghost Waits, directed by Adam Stovall from a script he wrote with star MacLeod Andrews (from a story idea by Stovall and Matt Taylor), starts with typical haunted house shenanigans. A family is running about frantically as a ghost wails at them. This family eventually leaves all their belongings and hightails it out their home.

“…can a relationship between a ghost and a human ever work out?”

Cut to handyman Jack (MacLeod Andrews) as he goes to that same house to prepare it for a new family to move in. Of course, he is shocked to find that the last tenets—who are just the latest in a line of families to break their lease early and leave—left so many items behind. This does mean Jack’s workload will take longer, so he decides to sleep there for as long as needed. The phantasm from the first scene does not like this idea and tries everything she can think of to terrify him. While Jack does initially run out of the house, his dedication to his job makes him come back.

It is upon him returning that A Ghost Waits reveals what is truly on its mind. Jack decides to talk to the spirit to find out who she is and why she’s tethered to this specific place. The apparition, Muriel (Natalie Walker), was called to the house for reasons even she’s unsure of. As Muriel and Jack chitchat the time away, she divulges incorporeal beings, such as herself, prefer to be called spectral agents. And before either of them realizes it, they have fallen in love with each other. But, can a relationship between a ghost and a human ever work out?

A Ghost Waits (2021)

Directed: Adam Stovall

Written: Adam Stovall, MacLeod Andrews

Starring: MacLeod Andrews, Natalie Walker, Sydney Vollmer, Amanda Miller, etc.

Movie score: 10/10

A Ghost Waits Image

"…every so often, a movie is released that seems to have been tailored made for just one specific person..."

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