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A Done Deal

By Alan Ng | November 19, 2017

A hitman’s job is difficult and unpredictable, especially when your target leans toward the annoying side. This is the idea behind French-Canadian filmmakers Pierre-Marc Drouin and Simon Lamarre-Ledoux’s short film, A Done Deal (Une Formalité).

Hitman Remy (Steve Laplante) has been hired by a Montreal mobster to kill Fernand (Richard Fréchette). Fernand is old and is something of a chatterbox, which means he has become a liability to the mob. For the slightly uptight Remy, the job is simple: invite Fernand for some coffee, offer him a ride home and do the job.

A Done Deal is perfect if you’re in need for a quick laugh.”

The coffee part was easy. Things go wrong when easy-going Fernand finds he is enjoying the coffee and conversation with Remy, a little too much. Remy’s patience is tested when Fernand confuses Star Trek with Star Wars. The argument is hilarious. I love hearing “Artoo-Detoo” and “Harrison Ford” spoken with a French accent.

A Done Deal is perfect if you’re in need of a quick laugh. The short is well-produced with believable characters and a well-thought-out plot and ending.

A Done Deal (2016) Written and directed by Pierre-Marc Drouin and Simon Lamarre-Ledoux. Starring Steve Laplante and Richard Fréchette.

4 out of 5 stars

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