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A Dangerous Prey

By Michael Talbot-Haynes | February 7, 2024

So yes, some scenes in A Dangerous Prey raise an eyebrow in relation to conventional movie making. One very strange sequence involves a highly detailed investigation into whether a carton of milk has gone sour. The amount of time and editing devoted to this fixation is outrageous. There are also a few redundant reaction shots that add unintentional humor. Quirks like this will cause many to jettison for a more polished yet bland product. It’s their loss, as plenty of excellent hooks are here to catch your attention. It has the same potency as the minimalist art by Pat Roach, where the viewer is riveted to every tiny move. Spears bathes his audience in the glow of the concept and then keeps the intensity going around the plot curves.

“…explores the extremes of trying to make ends meet in the modern world.”

What is fascinating is how well A Dangerous Prey explores the extremes of trying to make ends meet in the modern world. For the vast majority, one job is no longer enough to be able to get all the bills paid. The brutal necessity of the side hustle is highlighted by how shady these sidelines are. The film reflects the reality that out of the ways to make extra money, at least 45% of sidelines are illegal. Even the legal means require some unpleasant compromises. Spears has harnessed a very powerful plot driver by reflecting on the very relatable economic hardships most of the audience experience.

I was glued to watching the dark avenues that people are forced down due to economic pressures and how nasty things can get. I was also completely sucked in by the queer romance between the female leads. The chemistry between the two is enough to make the lab beakers bubble over. LoPresti undulates a force that swoops and hovers over Brittaney like she is a frosted cupcake. Brittaney’s smooth counterplay just makes LoPresti’s obsession more tantalizing. It stands by that indie credo of never allowing yourself the big-budget luxury of being boring. A Dangerous Prey is a pulp pulsator that will plant its stinger in you. 

A Dangerous Prey (2024)

Directed and Written: Terry Spears

Starring: Taja Brittaney, Marlon Ladd, Miranda LoPresti, Justin Russell, Bryce Barfield, etc.

Movie score: 7/10

A Dangerous Prey Image

"…a pulp pulsator that will plant its stinger in you. "

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