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A Bad Feeling

By Chris Salce | July 1, 2019

A young couple suffers a miscarriage and attends a comic-con the next day. From the synopsis alone it can sound like a depressing film, but I assure you that it is more of a bittersweet short film.

A Bad Feeling, originally known as A Phantom Menace – it was probably changed for good reason, is a short film that touches a serious issue while put in a somewhat fun setting. The setting is a local comic-con. The couple, Karen (Lily Rabe) and Jim (Eric Ladin), are dressed as Princess Leia and a Jedi from the prequels.

During the couple’s outing, the two discuss the unfortunate miscarriage which just happened the day before. While Jim tries to see the positive sides to it, Karen is just filled with sadness and confusion. Jim does not fully understand what a miscarriage does to a woman, and Jim’s nonchalant attitude shows it. Jim eventually catches on, and this makes the short go from sour to sweet.


Karen is just filled with sadness and confusion. Jim does not fully understand what a miscarriage does to a woman…”

This short film has quite a bit of positives. First of all, Lily Rabe. I became a fan of hers after her roles on American Horror Story and seeing her do a project like this one is pretty damn awesome. Also, the camera work is phenomenal. There aren’t many tough angles to capture in this short, but what the camera does capture is clear as day. The bonus positives are that the couple is in Star Wars cosplay, which also means a bit of Star War references, it also features cameos by Rosana DeSoto and Robert Picardo.

Something that could be negative is what the film was about. For a while, the short is a bit tough to watch, only because of the miscarriage. The miscarriage aspect could be a sensitive issue for some. The short does have some comedy to it, which helps and it’s the kind of comedy that does not feel forced. It tends to be the best way to go about comedy is not to force. Unfortunately, many people have dealt with a miscarriage, but maybe this short is something that could possibly make those that have dealt with it, feeling somewhat better. It’s something they could relate to.

A Bad Feeling (2019) Directed by Charlotte Barrett, Sean Fallon. Written by Charlotte Barrett, Sean Fallon. Starring Lily Rabe, Eric Ladin, Patrick Carroll, Patrick Zeller, Emma Burton, Mel Shimkovitz, Rosana DeSoto, Robert Picardo.

8 out of 10.

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