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92115: The Movie

By Alan Ng | October 29, 2019

Rookie postal worker, Ryan (Luke Monday), discovers someone’s s**t in a mailbox in Kevin Nostrates’ short-film 92115. Loosely based on the real-life of San Diego postal carrier, Ryan Bradford (who wrote the story and adapted by Jordan Jacobo), Nostrates takes us through the wacky adventures of Bradford’s first few months on the job.

The 15-minute short opens with Bradford arriving on this first day at work, forced to be here when his internet writing (we know he means blogging) career, just wasn’t paying the bills. The first person he meets is his gruff boss Craig (producer Mark Atkinson), with ample amounts of lotion next to his computer desk. He then meets the affable Rick (Ben Gothia), who dispenses an ample amount of postal history for young Ryan’s benefit. The adventure begins…

“…based on the real life of San Diego postal carrier, Ryan Bradford…”

92115 is a series of humorous moments and anecdotes as Ryan consistently breaks the fourth wall to provide background information and insight into each situation. He shares about being the low guy on the totem pole, which means he gets the worst routes. Then he plays mind games and starts doing the math on the number of deliveries per minute to ensure his work is done on time. Let’s also not forget about the s**t-in-the-box or the dreaded first day of the month, when the new Penny Savers are delivered.

Overall, Nostrates’ short is a good effort for a student film shot on the meager budget of $250. The resourceful Nostrates magically makes his $250 production feel like it was a $4,500 masterpiece. Storywise, 92115 is fun to watch and has funny moments, though the script did feel like a few more passes would have been helpful to punch of some of the jokes and escalate to a big, story moment in the end. S**t-in-a-box is big, but not big enough.

92115 (2019)

Directed: Kevin Nostrates

Written: Ryan Bradford, adapted by Jordan Jacobo

Starring: Luke Monday, Mark Atkinson, etc.

Movie score: 7/10

92115 Image

"…he plays mind games and starts doing the math on the number of deliveries per minute..."

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  1. Jordan Jacobo says:

    After I saw how my adaptation of the script seemed to be the ONLY real criticism of this film, I suppose I was relieved that they got my name wrong.

    Although, the articles subsequent grammatical errors don’t appear to strengthen the writer’s case; but what do I know?

    According to Alan Ng (did I spell that right?), whoever this Jacob Jacobo character may be, he’s a bit of a hack.

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