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6480 Days

By Josiah Teal | January 12, 2021

Writer-director Ran Slavin follows up his 2018 cyberpunk thriller, Call for Dreams, with an experimental and cautionary collage of the path to dystopia. Set in Hong Kong 2038, a detached narrator tells of life in a post-COVID world and his birth 6480 days after the pandemic. Told through flashing images of protests, police brutality, and a noir-esque skyline, Slavin takes viewers into blissful dreams and morbid reality in 6480 Days.

Much like his previous work in Call for Dreams, Slavin allows his David Lynch and neo-noir imagery to flow throughout the film. Despite containing a loose narrative, Slavin creates an experimental and intense movie depicting our potential future. Being written, directed, edited, and shot by Ran Slavin, the short is bathed in his unique style and is undeniably his vision.

“…tells of life in a post-COVID world and his birth 6480 days after the pandemic…”

I realize I’ve mentioned Call for Dreams many times in this review, but after reviewing it back in July 2020, I became a massive fan of Slavin’s work and visual style. While 6480 Days borrows some of the same tropes, it is a unique vision that goes even further down the dreamscape than his previous efforts. As a fan of the director’s movies, I am unsure if I would recommend this to someone unfamiliar with his work as it is a touch Avant-garde.

However, if you are familiar with his previous films and love Slavin’s use of rain-smothered cities and neon-covered scenes, you will be thoroughly satisfied.  6480 Days left me inescapably eager for his next project.

6480 Days (2020)

Directed and Written: Ran Slavin

Starring: Ran Slavin, etc.

Movie score: 7.5/10

6480 Days Image

"…a unique vision..."

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