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On a positive note, Webber will troll anyone. He puts his finger in the eyes of Republicans, Democrats, Libertarians, and Bernie Sanders… though he gives Bernie less grief than the rest. Also, to his credit, and making this film a treasure, the filmmaker did get extraordinary videos of the key events of 2020, including campaign rallies, speeches. Then when things went really south, he filmed the protests. This light-hearted apocalypse carnival atmosphere changes because of a heinous murder. This is where Webber shines and turns serious.

When Derek Chauvin killed George Floyd on video, with the world watching and standing by motionless, Webber went full strength into the fray. Suddenly his insane antics witnessed up to this point in 2020: The Dumpster Fire seem like minor idiosyncrasies. He went to Minneapolis and Seattle. Webber even went to Washington D.C. and covered the insurrection on Jan 6th, 2021. He got in the middle of the protests, risking life and limb to show these events. This is where he adds value to the conversation.

“…adds value to the conversation.”

Webber also mixes it up by interviewing the likes of Noam Chomsky, Jello Biafra, Daryle Lamont Jenkins, Michael Moore, and about a dozen 2020 candidates. Webber is here to make everyone uncomfortable, and he does that with wild enthusiasm. Anyone that Alex Jones labels as “absolute evil” has my respect forever. Laura Pespisa calling Trump a “creepy, rapey m**********r” is not only accurate but appropriate. And the director captures it with energy and glee.

There are ways to experience what happened in 2020 that aren’t as hyperbolic as 2020: The Dumpster Fire. While this film certainly contains a lot of additional, unnecessary noise, that doesn’t make it any less of a crucial document for our times. Webber has a unique voice for telling these noteworthy events his way, so add the film to your list of perspectives to take in when considering what happened and is still happening. This story isn’t over and won’t be for a long time to come.

Go to 2020: The Dumpster Fire‘s official site to join the antics.

2020: The Dumpster Fire (2021)

Directed and Written: Rod Webber

Starring: Rod Webber, Lauren Pespisa, Vermin Supreme, etc.

Movie score: 8/10

2020: The Dumpster Fire Image

"…trolls candidates with great enthusiasm..."

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