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Breaking the speed of reality has its consequences. Join director, Sean C. Stephens, along with actors, Lar Park Lincoln (Friday the 13th, Part VII), Colton Tapp (Three Days in August), Michael Harrelson (Krampus: The Reckoning), and Aaron Jackson (The Guild), as we host a watch party for Expulsion. Top recruits at a prestigious tech company create a particle accelerator in their garage and discover a pathway to an alternate universe. As their days and nights unfold, they begin to discover that others seek their machine to advance sinister agendas. Agendas that they intend to fulfill at any cost. Watch the film along with us as director, Sean C. Stephens, and the cast provide a running commentary.

Be a part of the conversation and watch Expulsion with us live at 5PM Pacific Time on Friday, October 23rd on TwitchYouTubePeriscope via Twitter or on Facebook Live.

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