By Film Threat Staff | August 21, 2006 is dropping rumors about the new Star Trek film all over the place, and here’s a big chunk, a studio “screw you” to all the old-school Trekkies (or Trekkers… whatever) out there:

“This is not just another Trek movie but instead a total reboot, we will see things that are similar to what is known in the Trek Universe but we will not be held to every aspect of the last 40 years. We are going to introduce Star Trek to a whole new generation and many more generations to come. We have total faith that J.J. and company will take Trek to a whole new level. Trek has been going downhill for the last 10 years and if we expect it to be around 20 years from now we will have to take some bold steps that might be controversial at first but we are sure to bring new fans to the dying franchise.”

That is from an “unnamed studio source” who follows up, when asked about how this may affect the old school fans, with:

“Trek fans were not able to keep the last show (Enterprise) on the air and we are looking on bringing over Alias and Lost fans and if the old Trekkies like the new movie great, if not too bad. We have to boldly go were no Star Trek has gone before.”

Expect Kirk and Spock to be abandoned on an unknown planet, populated with polar bears, with their only chance for escape resting on their ability to decipher a cryptic series of numbers…

And before you get too worried, remember: THEY’RE RUMORS! Unnamed studio source could be a production assistant with a vivid imagination and/or a hatred for all things Star Trek.

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