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There Could be an Obsessed Movie Nerd in Your Phone

By Chris Gore | May 30, 2017

There could be an obsessed movie nerd in your phone or tablet (I mean, other than the ones here at FT).

The Movies Totally Obsessed app has deep information about thousands of movies and you can have relevant info spooled out in real time while you watch with the sync-up experience feature. The app is free and there are free “preview” collections. Premium collections will cost an in-app subscription fee.

Film critic and historian Leonard Maltin:

“For anyone who loves and cares about movies, MoviesTO offers a bracing new way of experiencing film. Whether you’re revisiting an old favorite or trying out a title you’ve never seen before, this multimedia platform enables you to take a “deep dive” into the world of that film. You can immerse yourself as far as you like, learning about the actors and the creative team behind the camera, delving into the layers of the screenplay, dissecting the visual effects, or just enjoying what some people think of as trivia. To me, there is nothing trivial about exploring the in’s and out’s of a good movie, whether it’s a high-concept fantasy or a cutting-edge documentary. MoviesTO also invites you to participate in a conversation with other viewers, which provides the ultimate experience: sharing your thoughts and reactions with others who care about these movies.”

Get the Movies Totally Obsessed App here

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  1. Frank Roters says:

    I’m quite exited ! Looking forward…

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