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SuperCut Your Incredibles 2

By Chris Gore | November 8, 2018

A good time at the movies isn’t guaranteed unless you arrive in time to see the latest trailers. And the only problem with some trailers is that they are never quite long enough. How does one get rescued in a situation like that? Well, prepare for SuperCuts. And it makes sense that superheroes should get a SuperCut. What is a SuperCut you ask? All of the trailers and TV spots for a film combined into one giant, long trailer… a super trailer… a SuperCut of all the trailers!

We’re pleased to share with you the SuperCut for The Incredibles 2, which is now available from our friends at Chili. Pixar knocked this one out of the park and topped the original Incredibles. Of the Incredibles 2, writer Alan Ng says: “What I love about Incredibles 2 is its true comic book feel with action and soap opera drama. Two storylines interweaving together until they come together at the end. The first is the requisite sinister plot with film’s villain, the Screenslaver. Elastigirl and the Screenslaver are on the opposite side of the same mission for the world to accept/reject superheroes once and for all. With public sentiment moving steadily in favor of superheroes and the help of the ‘Ambassador’ (Isabella Rossellini), the Screenslaver uses mind-control in hopes  of making superheroes publicly destroy their reputation and run them underground forever.

And for much-needed levity and heart is the supportive husband, Bob, taking care of every aspect of the family, so Helen can focus on her mission. As mentioned before, things get worse for Bob, as a parent, before they get better as he tries to be the hero at home. And then there’s Jack-Jack the cute and adorable nuclear weapon that’s about to explode when the supply cookies run dry. Jack-Jack is the highlight of the entire film.

Good sequels keep what we love in the first film, then expands on them and improves on the original weaknesses.”

We’re pleased to share with you the SuperCut for Incredibles 2, which is now available from our friends at Chili, the streaming film service that delivers great movies and doesn’t require a subscription.

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