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“Los Angeles and Lucifer are a lot alike. They both seduce and lure with promises of wealth, fame, beauty or love. But those promises are often empty; and even when they’re not, there’s a price to pay.”

City of Devils

Staci Layne Wilson’s horror anthology, City of Devils, is made up of stories of dark, humorous fantasy set in L.A. Staci presents 13 tales of the uncanny, unlucky & unholy, a grim surreal imagining of life in tinsel-town after the camera stops rolling.

Staci knows Hollywood well, growing up surrounded by celebrities and pop music royalty. She’s a producer, writer, and director, and has written about her life in So L.A. – A Hollywood Memoir.  

She also edited the scandalous stories of Nancy Bacon, gossip columnist and editor of Confidential Magazine (and also Staci’s mom). The stories in Legends and Lipstick dish on Nancy’s love affairs with Paul Newman, Errol Flynn, Tommy Smothers, Rod Taylor, Vince Edwards, and Hugh O’Brian and the lives of celebrities she knew.

Dark and funny and SO L.A., Staci has been there, and she’ll go there.  More about Staci and her work here.

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