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By Film Threat Staff | August 19, 2002

Shootin’ your buddies with your trusty paintball gun is always good fun…especially if they bruise easily. But how about giving William Shatner a glob of paint where it counts? Well, I’ve got some good news and some bad news. The bad news is that if you don’t live in Illinois then you have some travelling to do in order to attend SPPLAT ATTACK!, a massive Star Trek themed paintball game featuring William Shatner as the game’s host as well as an active participant. The good news is that Shatner is an old man now, so it won’t be very hard to chase him down and unload some paintballs up his a*s.
Taking place in Joliet, Illinois on August 31st, an estimated 2000 players will take part in SPPLAT ATTACK! with Shatner appearing as Captain Shatner…not Kirk. Captain Shatner, with his Federation Team, will try to defeat the Klingon and Borg teams before they can destroy or capture a newly discovered planet. Shatner will be surrounded by the elite Red Shirt Brigade, an “away team” that would sacrifice their lives for the Captain and the mission. Meanwhile, nationally syndicated radio personality, Mancow, will lead the Klingon team with world renowned paintball player, Tom Kaye, heading up the Borg team. And YOU can sign up to be a part of all this madness.
Creative Light Entertainment and Melis Productions will document the event for a film soon to be released.
To give those Trekkies what for, Star Wars fans are encouraged to sign up here.

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