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By Film Threat Staff | August 7, 2002

Author Paul J. Salamoff’s upcoming book Setiquette aims to teach anyone who’s ever wanted to be a part of a film production crew what they won’t learn in film school – actual film set ettiquette and how to avoid having your a*s handed to you because you don’t know what a “spinner” is. Setiquette will not only explain how the different departments work on a movie set, but will also teach you the rules of film production survival.
Setiquette is still being written and now Salamoff is looking for film set horror stories from industry professionals for the book’s section entitled “Cautionary Tales”. He’s looking for a short anecdote that illustrates a breach of set etiquette that resulted in a disaster of some sort or how you learned a rule of set survival the hard way. Funny stories will have a better chance making it into the book.
Send your tales of on the set disaster to Paul J. Salamoff .

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