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Regal Theatres to Reopen on July 10

By Film Threat Staff | June 16, 2020

Virus, be damned! It’s been a long time coming, and Regal Cinemas announce the reopening of its over 500 movie theaters and 7,200 screens on Friday, July 10, with the release of Unhinged starring Russell Crowe. But is the public ready? To calm the fears of the public, Regal will push its contactless payment and ticket app purchases.

Employees will go through a rigorous daily and hourly screening process. In the lobby, copious amounts of hand sanitizer will be available, and the arcade will be shut down. Employees are required to wear masks, but no mention if customers will be required to do the same. Most likely, this policy will be different from city-to-city.

“…are you ready to go back?”

Regal also announced the use of ULV foggers to sanitize every auditorium between screenings using new electrostatic ‘fogger’ equipment. This form of deep sanitization is highly effective in disinfecting all materials with a non-toxic formula that is fast drying. This system is currently used in hospitals and medical offices.

Concessions will be limited to every other register with a reduced menu. There’s also a ban on refills of popcorn and drinks, and self-service condiment stations will be closed.

Auditoriums will reduce to 50% capacity (depending on state requirements). Each group will be separated by two seats or by one if in luxury seating.

The question is, are you ready to go back or is Regal doing too much too fast.

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