Love or hate his reviews, if you’re a regular visitor here, then you more than likely know – perhaps even fear – the name Phil Hall. Well now it’s time to put a face to the name as he’s getting ready to step in front of the camera with Debbie Rochon and Paul DeSimone in “The Land of College Prophets,” a comedy/fantasy which begins shooting later this month in New England.
Phil Hall will play a high-strung professor with no talent for establishing authority. Debbie Rochon has been signed to play a TV reporter covering the curious happenings of a college town under the spell of a demonic wishing well. Paul DeSimone will be making an appearance as Third Reich Jones, a miscreant student with a demonic secret.
Eric Russell has also been signed for “The Land of College Prophets,” playing a professor who attempts to provide academic guidance to a group of malcontent students. Russell has previously appeared in such films as The Contender, “In the Line of Fire,” Cherry Falls, “Capital City” and “The Memoirs of Sally Hemings.”
Hale Manor Pictures has previously produced and released the features Thrill Kill Jack in Hale Manor and the award-winning Everything Moves Alone.

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