By Admin | August 15, 2005

You’ve read about the film here and for those who can’t wait to set their hungry little eyeballs upon Murder Set Pieces, well, there’s something funny going on with the DVD release. We’ll just let director Nick Palumbo tell the story.

Hello to Fright Fans everywhere.

The financiers of “M-S-P” have turned out to be people of very little moral character, and have now actually crossed the line into criminal behavior. I am suing them on many counts. They are putting a version of “Murder-Set-Pieces” out on DVD. They have cut the film, and have taken 14 minutes of the sex and violent scenes out of the film! They have also added ludicrous voice-over narration over the film (which I did not write!) and have hired another lead actor (not Sven Garrett) to voice the narration!

Worst of all, they are putting this horrible, cut version out with my name attached to it.

This is illegal and we are going to a jury trial over this.

I have decided to put “Murder-Set-Pieces” out myself.

My version will be the Uncut; Director’s Cut of the film, and will have a commentary track with myself and actor Sven Garrett (“The Photographer”) It will also include trailers, and never before seen footage. Fortunately, only I have access to the footage.

The Director’s Cut of “Murder-Set-Pieces” will be available exclusively through by Halloween, 2005.

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