On Monday, August 12th at the HollyShorts Film Festival, join the critics, editors and content creators from Film Threat for a live podcast event. The panel will take place at the TCL Chinese theater in Hollywood. Attendees will be treated to a lively conversation on the following topics…

“Your Short Film Sucks!” A discussion of the best and worst shorts and the three mistakes that filmmakers make that can take a short from great to garbage.

“How to Shoot Nude Scenes” Learn how and when nudity is appropriate in film along with ways directors work with actors to make them feel comfortable being “emotionally naked” so to speak, to get the best performance.

“Movie Critics Are Idiots!” Film reviewers have gotten a bad rep lately and a lot of it is deserved! Discover how to communicate with critics strategically to get the result that you want, which is a good review.

Here is the line-up of guests from the Film Threat Team:

Enrique Acosta, writer and film critic for Film Threat.
Walter Areas, Film Threat YouTube Content Manager.
Norman Gidney, editor of HorrorBuzz.com, writer for Film Threat
Chris Gore, editor/publisher of FilmThreat.com, co-host of the Film Threat Podcast, author of the Ultimate Film Festival Survival Guide.
Alan Ng, managing editor of FilmThreat.com, lead film critic.
Alex Saveliev, writer and film critic for Film Threat.
Bobby Schwartz, director, lead content creator for Film Threat Originals.

We look forward to seeing you all at the festival, get tickets for the panel here and get more info about the festival on the HollyShorts website