Loving Till It Hurts and the Fight to Keep Love Alive for Valentines Image

Loving Till It Hurts is an indie romantic drama series. It’s told in six parts, the series follows a lonely, unhappy housewife Floret Regis (Shawntaria Franklin), who finds herself struggling to maintain the love she feels for her husband, Franc Regis (Wil Jackson), whom she feels has emotionally abandoned her. While in her marital depression, she bumps into a former high school friend Omar (Mike), who expresses feelings towards her that begins to open Pandora’s Box.

Loving Till It Hurts stars Shawntaria Franklin, Wil J. Jackson, Tamara C. Moore, Mary Farah, Delpha D. Dsamuels. Directed by Luner Eugene.

Now available on Amazon Prime. Here is the premiere of the series trailer.

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