Lloyd Kaufman Wins Condom Snorting Challenge, Gets Pregnant Image

Lloyd Kaufman Wins Condom Snorting Challenge, Gets Pregnant

By Chris Gore | April 6, 2018

“Troma is known for keeping up with the hottest new trends. So when I heard about the Condom Snorting Challenge I thought, ‘Well my tide pod challenge went well. My pouring ice water on my head to call attention to baseball went well. Why not snort some latex through my very ample beak?’ But I am a bit frosted because nobody told me the condom was used! Anyway, I will raise this child with all the love and devotion my 75 hour work week will allow. Meet me, Toxie, Super Tromettes and more at the C2E2 Troma Booth this Friday and Saturday and perhaps I’ll let you rub my belly.” stated Lloyd Kaufman.

Kaufman and Toxie to announce name of child at Chicago’s C2E2 Comic and Entertainment Expo PLUS the WORLD PREMIERE of BroadwayHD’s The Toxic Avenger Musical.

April 6th – 7th , McCormick Place – South Building, Chicago, IL

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