By Film Threat Staff | August 21, 2003

Boobs. That’s what some of you will recall upon hearing the name Vicky Drake. In 1968, Vicky Drake ran as the “topless candidate” for student body president of Stanford University. A topless dancer, she gained international notoriety for her campaign poster that featured a photo of herself standing nude on Mr. and Mrs. Stanford’s tomb.
35 years later, Vicky is back and she’s promoting a new indie short, “The Beauty of Touch,” directed by Toronto filmmaker Jonathan Robbins. The film features nude dancers prancing about, their choreographed movements an interpretation of the music provided by John Mitchell, Vicky Drake’s husband, and his piano trio.
“Although this film may be seen as controversial, it is a work of beauty,” said Ms. Drake. “It is art, not pornography, and can be viewed in any school or library. I have always believed that the body is beautiful,” Drake added. “This film is a tribute to the music and the human body.”

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