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Listen to the very first episode of the all-new Film Threat Podcast. Join editor/publisher Chris Gore and film critic Anthony Ray Bench as they discuss Split, Live By Night, Manchester by the Sea, LA LA Land, Assassin’s Creed as well as upcoming films like Director’s Cut and Haunters. Movie reviews. News. Hilarity ensues. Plus, someone says “Handjob journalism.” 

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  1. Mavis Jones says:

    Hey Chris, I still have some of my old glossy Film Threat issues from the 90s and I’m so happy I backed the Kickstarter! Great rewards and I’m loving the podcast and site content.

    Interestingly or perhaps not, re your suggestion in the review of Kubo and the Two Strings (podcast ep 2) that the film might be too frightening for young kids… We took our 5 yr old and she didn’t have that reaction. Every time Kubo’s aunts turned up I checked her for nervousness but she usually just said “they’re pretty”. I wonder whether it’s just that she’s Japanese horror”-naïve… some imagery connected with villains (e.g. white masks, the hair) has trained us fans of that genre to see it ominously – but it’s also just beautiful to look at.

    Just a thought – and thanks again for keeping FT alive!

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