Lebowski Fest Returns! What Happens When You Find a Stranger in the Alps? Image

Lebowski Fest Returns! What Happens When You Find a Stranger in the Alps?

By Chris Gore | May 3, 2018

In honor of the Coen brothers beloved cult favorite The Big Lebowski, which turns 20 years old this year, Lebowski Fest returns to the home of the film’s location, Los Angeles this Memorial Day Weekend. Join the movie party at The Wiltern on May 25th and a bowling party at The Fountain Bowl on May 26th. Fans have been gathering for nearly two decades to bowl, dress in costume, drink White Russians and abide. 

What started as a lark by two fans of The Big Lebowski in a tiny bowling alley in Louisville, Kentucky in 2002 has spawned the cultural phenomenon known as Lebowski Fest which celebrates the Coen Brothers film in bowling alleys across the world. The Big Lebowski was initially dismissed by many critics and was not popular with the movie going public on its release but in the years after has gathered a massive cult following of dedicated fans also known as Achievers. It has even spawned its own religion, Dudeism, which claims to have ordained nearly half a million Dudeist priests. The film has been added to the National Film Registry, is studied in college classrooms and several books have been written about it including I’m a Lebowski, You’re a Lebowski which debuted as an LA Times Bestseller and has now been re-released for the film’s 20th Anniversary.

Fans will gather this Memorial Day in the city where the film is set, Los Angeles and be treated to a meet and greet with some of the film’s actors including Jack Kehler (Man in the High CastleLove Liza) who played The Dude’s Landlord. Also on the bill is Luis Colina who smashes The Dude’s windshield after John Goodman’s character, Walter smashed his new Corvette in a rage yelling a phrase that has been famously re-dubbed for television: do you see what happens when you find a stranger in the Alps?

White Russians aplenty will flow both nights as fans get together to celebrate the cult classic, now 20 years old. Mark it 20, Dude.

Tickets and more information about Lebowski Fest Los Angeles 2018 are available at lebowskifest.com.

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