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As we all wait in anticipation for the release of It Chapter Two to hit theaters, you can get hit with a dose of Pennywise the Clown live and in person in Hollywood. A pop-up experience called “The Derry Canal Days Festival and Funhouse Featuring Pennywise The Dancing Clown” is on its way on the corner of Hollywood and Vine.

The pop-up experience runs August 15th through September 8th (Monday through Sunday 2PM-11PM) all leading up to the release of It Chapter Two. It, that is, the pop-up, is a 40-minute experience including “10 immersive and terrifying interactive spaces, giving visitors a glimpse into the upcoming film.” So if you loved It and you want to meet Pennywise in person, this will be your chance to face your fear of clowns. (Because everyone agrees that clowns are scary.)

To get your free tickets to the experience, visit the official It Chapter Two Experience page. Tickets will be available starting July 31st.

UPDATE: Tickets for the It Chapter Two Experience are currently sold out. However, walk up tickets are free and all you need to do is to go to the event at the corner of Hollywood and Vine and wait in line. Once it opens, we highly recommend attending at an off time, such as an afternoon on a weekday.




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"…if you want to meet Pennywise in person, this will be your chance to face your fear of clowns"

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  1. Cassidy Louie says:

    Is the IT Experience wheelchair accessible?

  2. Alex says:

    Is this event open today ? September 2nd 2019 ?

  3. amanda bravo says:

    Can’t wait

  4. Shirleen Wakolee says:

    I’m trying to request 4 tickets online but don’t see an option to request the free tickets.

  5. vanessa says:

    I am trying to purchase the free tickets book online but I don’t see a button to purchase please help.

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