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By Film Threat Staff | August 29, 2002

Here’s another interesting email we just received. Funny thing is, the subject title said – PRESS RELEASE.
Dear Film Threat,
Hello, My name is Shannon Cronin (I am male). I recently ran across the site which is basically a 29 year-old lady begging for money because she ran up too much credit card debt ($20,000+) on things like a $800.00/month personal trainer, $400.00/month blonde highlights and lots of shoes. She has received more than $6700.00 dollars from the public for doing nothing but spending money.
This gave me an idea. If people are giving money away for nothing, why not try and get a piece of that pie. I am currently a college student who wants to transfer to a University next year and could use tuition money. I am working towards a major in Theater Arts and a minor in Film Production. This is where my website,, comes into play.
What my plans are is to raise money and purchase film equipment. Once this is achieved I will put together, in the tradition of Jackass, short comedy films and skits. From there I will make DVD’s and sell them via online. I will repay everyone who donates money to this cause, once a profit is being made. I will also donate a percentage of the money to homeless shelters and other causes.
Please let the public know about this website and how they can help.
PS. Karyn sucks!

I guess it’s not such a bad idea Shannon has going there. If Karyn’s raking in the dough and she’s not even showing her boobies…not that I’m aware of anyways…then I don’t see why friends of cinema wouldn’t want to donate a little cash to a budding filmmaker. Yes, begging for money has gotten a lot safer and warmer on the internet. However, I’d be careful about making sure people get paid back when they’re told that they’re going to. You don’t want Jimmy Crazy Legs coming by to bust your knee caps for ya.

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