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Help Stop Disney from Making a “Live Action” The Nightmare Before Christmas

By Chris Gore | February 12, 2019

Wait? They are thinking about making a live-action The Nightmare Before Christmas movie? That sounds about as good an idea as casting Will Smith as the Genie in a live-action remake of Aladdin. It’s no surprise that our friends over at Stop Motion Magazine are outraged and would like to see this stopped before Disney remakes everything in CGI or live-action forever destroying film classics. As an art form, stop motion animation is a rarity these days with standouts like Isle of Dogs among, well, very few others.

The folks at Stop Motion Magazine have released the following statement and are encouraging everyone to sign their petition at Let your voices be heard and please sign the petition and spread the word.

The Nightmare Before Christmas is a fan favorite modern day classic stop motion film made in the early 90’s by legendary producer/writer/designer Tim Burton and legendary director Henry Selick. There is a rumor circulating throughout the animation industry and online that Disney is considering remaking the film or making a sequel to the film in a “Live Action” format. To fans of both The Nightmare Before Christmas and to the medium of Stop Motion this is considered both an insult and a horrible idea. It detracts from the original theme and story of the film while demonstrating the lack of understanding that Disney has for the fans of its traditional animations such as 2D hand drawn and model animation such as stop motion. The Nightmare Before Christmas has made Disney billions of dollars over the years and this is not because Disney has believed in the film or even understood why it has so many fans, but because the artistry, magic, and story that make this film so unique as a work of filmmaking artistry. It has proven time and again that it stands far above many of Disney’s CGI and Live Actions films. We the fans want traditional arts preserved and utilized in modern filmmaking. The Nightmare Before Christmas proves that traditional animation is a money maker while still being artistically relevant to modern day artists. We call on Disney to stop planning on making The Nightmare Before Christmas in Live Action for or even producing a sequel in Live action, but instead keep any productions considered in the future for this classic film to remain in stop motion animation. 

Sign the Petition Here!

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