GG Allin is Still Dead But You Can Have A Deathiversary Bust Image

GG Allin is Still Dead But You Can Have A Deathiversary Bust

By Chris Gore | June 18, 2018

GG Allin was a performer more known for his outrageous stage act than for his music. He usually wound up covered in all varieties of blood and other bodily fluids and waste during his act. He was considered at one point the most violent man in rock n’ roll. If you’re the person this memento was meant for, then you know all that, and if not then you’re probably recoiling in horror and disgust. Which would no doubt please the twisted sensibilities of GG himself, were he still among those who had sense or sensibility. He is not. In 1993 after a show in Manhattan he overdosed and died. His fans threw him an open casket funeral party and we’ve not heard from him for lo these many years, until now. Aggronautix is selling this bust of how GG must look now, after 25 un-embalmed years of resting in piss, er, I mean peace.

Based on an illustration by Lou Rusconi, sculpted by Arlen Pellitier, and detailed by Eddie Bradley, this figure is hand-painted and limited to just 1000 numbered units. Standing at seven inches tall and made of high quality resin, this bust of GG is sure to give you bad dreams and torment all those who come in contact with it!

Live Fast. Die.

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