Full Moon Unleashes A Pandemic Of The Undead With Corona Zombies Image

Well, somebody had to do it. And of course, that somebody to do so would be Charles Band and his Full Moon Features Studios. But do what you ask? Make a movie based around COVID-19, aka the coronavirus. The title is Corona Zombies, and that just about sums everything you need to know about the film.

The official plot synopsis for this “satirical and timely” horror film is as follows – “a global pandemic spiraling out of control, one that causes its victims to become cannibalistic, creepy and contagious Corona Zombies!

A government asleep at the wheel! The wealthy shrugging it off! And a virus that causes its victims to get up and kill! The people they kill…get up and kill!”

The studio also released the first official poster for the film –


What do you think of Corona Zombies? Does it sound like the latest fun time from the gonzo minds at Full Moon? Or did the independent studio follow an idea in poor taste?

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