Film Threat Watch Party Launches with The Bill Murray Stories on Netflix Image

Film Threat Watch Party Launches with The Bill Murray Stories on Netflix

By Film Threat Staff | May 29, 2020

Join filmmaker Tommy Avallone and the editors of Film Threat as we host a watch party for The Bill Murray Stories: Life Lessons Learned from a Mythical Man on Netflix.

Writer Hunter Lanier raved about the film in his review and went on to say:
“If you are unaware, as I was before seeing The Bill Murray Stories, Murray has a habit of popping up in the strangest of places and doing the strangest of things. For instance, when a couple in South Carolina were on the street taking their wedding photos, Murray stood by and watched, slapping his belly. He ended up in the photo with the bride and groom, arms limp at his sides and with the oddest look of contentment on his face. At another time, he crashed a party, noticed a large number of dirty dishes and took it upon himself to wash them. These are but two instances in a long line of Murray manifesting from the void, like some ancient spirit of frivolity. According to eyewitnesses, he’s known to whisper to those he visits, ‘no one will ever believe you.'”
Be a part of the conversation and watch The Bill Murray Stories with us live at 5PM Pacific Time on Friday, May 29th on Twitch, YouTube or on Facebook Live.

If you missed the livestream, check out the video and watch The Bill Murray Stories along with us.

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