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Los Angeles Comic Con comes to the LA Convention Center October 11th-13th and Film Threat writers and editors will be participating on four panels during the show. Here’s all the info  you need to stalk, er, find us at LA Comic Con. And if you take pics during one of our panels, please post them on social and use the hashtag #FilmThreatLACC so we can retweet you. Don’t be shy, come to a panel and say hi.

Saturday, October 12, 10AM – Attack of the Show Documentary Preview

It’s been six years since Attack of the Show went off the air but the legacy of the G4TV show continues. Meet the filmmakers behind the documentary about the show that influenced a generation of YouTubers and fans. See video from the doc that has been in progress for the last year. Join us for an exclusive preview of Attack of the Doc as we attempt to answer the question: Why did Attack of the Show and G4TV suddenly disappear? Room 406AB

Saturday, October 12, 12PM – Film Threat Podcast Live

The Film Threat team assembles for a conversation about the important issues facing film fans and movie critics. Film reviewers have gotten a bad reputation lately and a lot of it is deserved. I loved it! I hated it! Star Wars, DC, Marvel movies have us so divided, so let’s talk about it. And in the age of social media, do we even need movie critics? Join a panel of movie critics for your chance to talk back! Room 306AB

Saturday, October 12, 1PM – Star Woke: The Phantom Trigger

The debate that began with Star Wars: The Last Jedi continues to divide fans. Do fans want political agendas woven into the fabric of their favorite franchises or have those messages always been there? Is Star Trek “woke” or has the show always been progressive? And if we agree that we all love these franchises in spite of our differences, can we find common ground? These questions and more will be discussed to bring our universe of fandom closer together. Room 404AB

Saturday, October 12, 3PM – Future Indies You Must See

See an exclusive preview of independent genre films coming in 2020 and beyond. Through trailer debuts and exclusive clips, we’ll get a glimpse into indie film projects that can only be seen in limited release including the best indie sci-fi, fantasy and horror films coming soon. Room 308AB

And here’s a quick sneak of just some of the trailers and clips we’ll be screening on our Future Indies You Must See panel.

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