Every Character Nicolas Cage Ever Played Image

Every Character Nicolas Cage Ever Played

By Chris Gore | September 23, 2018

Illustrator John Rooney is big fan of Nicolas Cage. A really big fan. The Ireland-based artist recently embarked on an ambitious project… something incredibly over-the-top! Which is totally in keeping with Cage’s signature performance mantra. “Basically I’m a big movie fan and like to mix film and art,” says Rooney. “I’m looking forward to seeing Mandy so much that I decided to watch every Nicolas Cage film released to date every day for 89 days, while sketching a caricature of each role. The project really did give me a new found respect for his acting abilities and craft, never mind the films.”

Yes. You heard that right. Rooney watched every single Nicolas Cage film and then created a caricature sketch for each role. He even included an illustration of Cage from The Death of Superman, a film that was never made, but should have been. And Rooney has put them all together on a glorious poster that is a sight to behold (and you can get it from his etsy shop). It’s as if a Where’s Waldo poster was only composed of Waldos, but in this case, they are all Nicolas Cage. And who would not love that?

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