“The Way He Makes Them Feel,” a documentary film about Michael Jackson fans, will be having a number of preview screenings this Sunday, August 29, 2010, at the Regent Theater in Los Angeles. The screenings, part of an all-day event celebrating Michael and his fans on what would have been his 52nd birthday, are at 12pm, 3pm and 6pm. Other events going on at the theater include:

  • The Michael Jackson Tribute Portrait will be attending so MJ fans can place their own Free special dot in the portrait (4-6pm):
  • Thrill the World (Flash MJ Dance Group) will be making a special appearance sometime in the day
  • Notable Performance by Maxso the Artist (he will be singing a special MJ tribute song) who has gotten a lot of publicity in the last couple of years as the world’s youngest rapper–he also co-hosted Jimmy Kimmel for a week.
  • Notable Performance by Aaron Landon Best Male Vocalist Rising Star” at a “Hollywood Rock The Mic” event and won “SCV’s Most Talented Performer’s Competition”, 9-12. He enjoys performing in boy group “Heartbreakers” with Rage Entertainmen.
  • Notable Performance by Alex Bartosch – Incredible new music artist and dancer, inspired by Michael Jackson
  • Birthday cake for MJ
  • Henna Artist will be applying a FREE Henna Tattoo of MJ to a few lucky fans
  • Michael Jackson Art piece made up entirely of pop cans (12 ft X 12ft) will be on display the entire day by the artist Dan Seaton Brown
  • Exclusive Neverland Photo Exhibit by Jonathan Haeber and Scott Haefner

For more info on the film, here’s the trailer, followed by a press release about the movie:

Tribufan Productions presents the premiere Red Carpet Screenings of the Michael Jackson’s Fan Feature Documentary, The Way He Makes Them Feel, filmed by Joelle Arqueros, Todd Lampe and ErinRose Widner. This documentary spotlights the deep impact Michael Jackson has made on his fans even after his passing. From all over the world, meet fans of all ages, religions, backgrounds and races who found solace and inspiration from one man – Michael Jackson.

Discover the unexpected ways he influenced people’s lives beyond his power as a pop star. From inspiring fans to recycle, to helping another get through her drug-free labor by listening to his music, learn more about his real fans, who are not just the characters they have been portrayed as by the media – but genuine individuals. This insightful documentary reveals how people discovered him and are impacted by him, not only in his life – but also after his death. Their stories and sentiments will reveal not only an artist, humanitarian and musical innovator, but simply a man, seen through the eyes of those that loved him the most- his fans. In The Way He Makes Them Feel, witness how one man inspires countless others, in so many diverse ways, and the way he makes them feel about themselves and the world.

The film presentation, highlighted by a free birthday bash and daylong showcase of Michael Jackson-inspired performances, videos and art, debuts Sunday August 29 at the historic Regent Showcase Theatre in Hollywood at noon. Screenings are at noon, 3pm and 6pm.

Shortly after Michael Jackson’s unexpected death, there was an upsurge in the presence and voices of his fans that for years had been quiet. The Way he Makes Them Feel focuses on Michael Jackson’s fans, from all walks of life and backgrounds, amplifying how one man changed and affected the lives of so many in both gentle and dramatic ways.

Filmmakers Joelle Arqueros, Todd Lampe and ErinRose Widner capture the spontaneous outpourings of every day people shortly after his death, on his birthday in 2009, at his Hollywood star and at a theater away from the glamour and glitz on the night of the premiere of the documentary, This Is It.

Joelle Arqueros, a graduate of Hollywood High School of the Performing Arts, attended NYU ‘s Tisch School of the Art’s Playwrights Horizon, where she began writing, directing and producing, Sex, Relationships, and Sometimes…LOVE, which premiered at SHOWWORLD in Times Square. It has now been running for over 6 years in LA , NY and just opened in Toronto. She recently received THE VALOUR award for her writing from Women Making Changes Foundation. Arqueros most recently directed and co-produced the critically acclaimed revival of Stephen Belber’s Tape at the Renegade Theatre in Hollywood. The Way He Makes Them Feel marks her debut as a filmmaker.

Todd Lampe has been writing, directing and editing short films, industrial projects, demos, promotional videos and original music since 1989. He is an original member of Fred Willard’s MoHo comedy troupe in Hollywood, CA, where he wrote & performed, and also directed several shows. His comedic short film Strongerable, won the best short and audience award at the Lancaster, NY film festival 2006. He directed the short film, Chance Meeting, which was an official selection at Dances with Films 2006, LA Shorts Fest 2006, and Method Fest 2007. He wrote and directed An Inconvenient Penguin, a comedic fauxumentary, which is a glimpse into the dangers of global warming on penguins’ lifestyles, and has enjoyed a successful run on In 2009, Artificially Speaking, a short about an artificial fruit farm, played to huge laughs and overwhelming response at Dances With Films 2009.

ErinRose Widner began her love of the arts at an early age, focusing much of her time and energy in theatre. Her love of performing transcended to film in 2001, as she became involved with myriad independent films onscreen and off-screen. In addition to her work as a producer, she is also an actress and writer. She co-created, produced and starred in the web series, Deserted, a parody of the popular ABC show Lost. Chance Meeting, a short film she produced, was featured at Dances With Films 2006, LA Shorts Film 2006 and Method Fest 2007. In addition to her production experience, she holds a strong post-production background through her work at SDI Media in an executive business development role. In 2010 she can also be seen in the film version of the hilarious sketch show, Channel Surfing (LA Comedy Festival 2009).

The premiere celebration of The Way He Makes Them Feel includes: a display of Michael Jackson inspired Art, including a 12’X12′ Michael Jackson portrait made completely out of pop cans; the presentation of selections from a global video contest, eliciting reactions to Michael Jackson’s life and passing from around the world (; and Michael Jackson-inspired performances, chosen from auditions held at the Woman’s Club of Hollywood on August 15.

The Way He Makes Them Feel premieres Sunday, August 29, 2010 at the Regent Showcase Theatre, 614 N. La Brea Avenue, Hollywood, CA 90036. Showtimes are Noon, 3pm and 6pm. Free birthday bash including cake, and Michael Jackson-inspired performances and art throughout the day. Tickets are $10.00 in advance, and $12.00 at the door. They and can be purchased in advance at:

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  1. About the only other film project he did, outside his music videos, was Captain EO, the Lucas-created fantasy dance picture. I suspect the reason he didn’t do much with film was that he couldn’t control his image; that would be in the hands of the director and writer. And maybe he believed the only part he could play was Michael the Innocent Space Child God; he didn’t want to play anything else.

  2. Phil Hall says:

    I saw a bit of “The Wiz” on BET this weekend — Jackson was very good as the Scarecrow, and it is really strange that he never pursued film work with greater gusto.

  3. Okay, this sounds like a ripe topic for parody. I’m not going to get into how many ways adoration of Michael Jackson is wrong; the same can be said for the fifty million Elvis fans, who WERE wrong. I could go back to James Thurber’s story “The Greatest Man In The World,” about a crude, degenerate aviator being fawned over by the press…until the press couldn’t take it any more.

    You guys making horror/rape movies and documentaries about scissors…if you have any sense of humor or perspective left, perhaps you can do a Spinal Tap satire of celebrity life and death and merchandising. This is the right time for it.

  4. Lilly Australia says:

    I miss knowing someone as special,ground breaking and with a voice for all human beings that is Michael is missing in our world 🙁 We all need L.O.V.E

  5. alex moon says:

    Why aren’t there any Michael Jackson-related celebrations like this ever done in San Diego? If there are, they don’t publicize them very well.
    . I cannot believe this “dr” Murray stuff either. I hope the reason they are taking so long isn’t about the $$$, but because the prosecution wants to get it right, so they won’t end up with an OJ-like acquittal. But I agree. Second degree murder is way too lenient for what he did to another human being.

  6. zendegi merchant says:

    the world is a lonely place without michael jackson!! want to add conrad murray MD in my opinion murdered michael!!! he was in perfect health passed his physical!! trial should be moved out of LA county .. changed to first degree murder!!!! $$$$ !!!

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