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Game of Thrones may not have ended the way that many had hoped. But fear not, winter is coming. Again. From the creator of The Empire Strips Back comes The Dames Of Throne Burlesque Show. Russall S. Beattie returns with a new version of Dames of Throne – taking liberty with George R. R. Martin’s doomed Game Of Thrones characters (with even less clothing on both the men and the women), and putting them in some very compromising situations. Inspired by the stories and people of Westeros, this show is set to light a fire in people’s hearts hotter than wildfire. The Dames Of Throne Burlesque Show is an amazing experience, with an attention to detail not matched anywhere else in the world. Don’t miss any opportunity to see it. The tour takes Australia by storm this fall and then, fingers crossed, other parts of the world.

“…a wonderful way to spend a night out which will leave you with a smile, a tear, and a warm feeling in your heart (and possibly your naughty bits)…” – Out In Canberra

Visit the official site for more info on upcoming tour dates

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